Earning Your Food

This week was definitely not the most productive I’ve ever had.  My son got sick Monday evening, and then I was blessed with the beginnings of a sinus infection.  Years ago, I probably would have done one of two things.  I probably would have tried to keep working out as much as possible until I was sick enough that I basically couldn’t function.  And then I would have spent a couple of days in bed, eating less than my usual intake, because I wasn’t working out as much.  Now I’ve learned just how important it is give my body rest and I’ve let go of the “earning your food” mentality.  Here’s a few things to help you remember if you’re ever tempted to decrease food while recovering.

Earning Your Food – The Unhealthy Truth

  • Working out doesn’t burn as many calories as we think.  The majority of our calories are used doing things like housework, checking the mail, and just breathing.  However, those of us with more muscle mass tend to burn calories a bit faster.  And you know what?  That muscle mass doesn’t just disappear after taking a week off.  So do you need to reduce calories just because you took a rest week?  Definitely not
  • Recovery requires nutrition.  And calories.  Whether you are working to get over a cold, or healing an injury, your body needs nutrition to recover.  If you eat less, you are prolonging the process.  Want to get back to your usual training?  Then you need to eat.  Should you focus on nutrient dense foods that support your body?  Sure.  Do you need to stress over some additional cookies?  Never.
  • We are more than numbers.  We are more than our weight.  More than the macro breakdowns of our  caloric intake.  More than the number of miles we run.  Or the amount of weight we can put on a bar.  When our bodies are recovering, we need to remember that our training is a part of what we do.  Maybe a part of who we are.  But it definitely is not what defines us or gives us value.  So why would we think we need to eat less just because we’re less active?
  • Finally, having a mentality of earning your food is a great way to destroy your relationship with food.  And your body.  For some reason, a lot of people believe that only women with extremely disordered eating have a harmful relationship with food, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.  So many people (men, women, athletes, moms, adolescents) have an unhealthy relationship with food.  And it doesn’t have to be extreme to have negative consequences in your life.

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If your relationship with food and your body isn’t ideal, I really encourage you to connect with an educated dietician to help you work through this. Because life is just too short to say no to a burger just because you didn’t run this week. And if you’re looking for a great referral, head over to Rise Up Nutrition.

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So yea, not very many things happened in the Brambila household this week.  I had Monday off work, so I did get to head over to Freidrich park to get in a few miles, which was incredible as usual.  Tuesday, I worked from home with both kiddos and no nanny.  Fortunately, Henry didn’t have a ton of work, and he was able to help out a lot.  Wednesday was pretty much the same, but by the afternoon I started feeling the telltale symptoms of a sinus infection, so instead of heading over to the gym, I took a nap. 

By Thursday, I felt sick enough to take the day off work.  I spent most of the day taking care of Lila and Enrique, squeezing in a few naps, and trying to stay on top of the laundry.  Friday was pretty much the same.  I did take both of the kiddos out for a couple of walks to try to get some fresh air and vitamin D.  Enrique rode his bike, and Lila relaxed in the baby carrier.  I probably could have gone out for a run on Saturday, but I honestly felt like I had taken off most of the week, and it just made sense to take another rest day and let my body continue to fight off this sinus infection.

I never got to the point of needing to stay in bed all day.  I rested a lot.  I kept fueling like usual.  And I just enjoyed the time at home with both of the kids as much as possible.  It was a pretty boring week, but it was just what the three of us all needed.

This Weeks Workouts

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Total Miles: 4  Miles
Total Workouts: 1
How the Run Felt
Welp, my one run was great!  I loved being on the trail in the sunshine.  I felt like I was able to actually run about 85% of the loop, which I haven’t been able to do since before I got pregnant.  It honestly could not have been a better run.

How the WODs Felt
Monday’s workout was pretty cardio focused.  I felt like I was able to keep a pretty steady pace, and was really happy with my workout.  I tore my hands on the pull ups, which kind of made me laugh.  I haven’t had a rip in over a year at this point.

What I’ve Been Listening To
I actually did start a new podcast this week during my trail run.  I started listening to the third season of Over My Dead Body, which is a podcast hosted by Wondery.  I’ve listened to the first two seasons, which have all been about trying to explain murder cases.  This season is about a police officer with a somewhat shady past who was found killed while on the job.  So far, it’s been a pretty good listen.

What Went Well
Continuing to respect what my body needs.

What Went Shitt
Taking a full week off to nurse my sinuses isn’t exactly the kind of week I was hoping for.

Plans to Improve Next Week
Get back to moving regularly as long as I feel well.

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