Jogging Stroller Set Up

The only reason I have been somewhat able to get back to running consistently is the fact that Lila has been great about hanging out in the jogging stroller.  Over the last couple of months, I feel like we’ve perfected our jogging stroller set-up.  A lot of the things we’re using, we had with Enrique, but I’ve been a little amazed at some of the gear that’s become available recently.  I want to share some of the things that have helped keep Lila comfortable in the jogging stroller.  But first, here’s how our last week went.

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I had a work holiday on Monday, and I knew I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to get out on the trails. I slept in a little later, nursed Lila, and then ran out the door to get to Freidrich. It’s amazing how just a few miles on the dirt made me feel so much more like my pre-pregnancy self. I got home, showered, and then our nanny came over for her first day with Lila. I had forgotten I had a work holiday when I scheduled her start date, but honestly I was really happy to have a full day to kind of go over Lila’s schedule and how we take care of her. She’s been really sweet with Lila, and I’m so glad that I’m able to be home to answer any questions and still see my baby girl all day.

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I didn’t end up going to CrossFit that day, since I was helping get her acclimated.  And Tuesday, I honestly just wasn’t ready to leave Lila alone to go to the gym, so I ended up taking a full rest day.  The rest of the week was pretty standard, with treadmill runs before work on Thursday and Friday, and CrossFit during my lunch breaks.  We’ve made some adjustments to Lila’s nap schedule, and finally decided to ditch the one arm swaddle business, and she’s been taking longer naps more consistently again.  It’s crazy how often you have to adjust a babies schedule, which is a big part of what makes motherhood so challenging, even with an easy baby like Lila.

Saturday, I got in a good long run.  I ran 6 miles without any walking intervals, and honestly it was a lot more mentally challenging than physically.  But I’m really happy to start getting some real runs in the next couple of months.  I met a girlfriend out for drinks for the first time since Lila was born that evening.  Henry is so capable and hands on with her, and I was still really anxious about leaving her in the evening.  Nights are different from days, and I was worried about whether she’d wake up and have a hard time going back down (even though that’s not something that really happens with her).  Lila was way ahead of me, though, and had an uneventful night.  Henry sent me all the pictures of her sleeping face on the baby camera, and that definitely helped.

Jogging Stroller Set Up

Getting in a good stroller run is all about making sure you have a good stroller set up. One that will keep your kiddo comfortable enough for long enough for you to get in a decent run. While you can’t force a kid or baby to enjoy stroller runs, there are a few items that I have found helpful. And a happy, comfortable passenger is a lot more likely to be cooperative. So I’m sharing my current jogging stroller set up, along with a few things that helped me several years ago with my son.

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  • Carseat Cover – As much as I would like for Lila to enjoy all of the scenery with me, if I want her to take a nap (which I usually do), having a good cover is really helpful.  It also helps block out wind and direct sunlight, which is really nice when we’re out for longer periods of time.
  • Portable White Noise Machine – Again, this is probably something that a bigger kid wouldn’t benefit from, but is REALLY helpful for stroller naps for little babies.  White noise + cover usually means Lila is down for the count for most of our runs together.
  • Shower Cap Cover or Bunting – For colder runs, you definitely want to do everything you can to keep your kiddo toasty.  For babies that are small enough for a carseat, this style of cover is nice, and cozy, but unable to be accidentally pulled up and over the face like a blanket.  Make sure you remove it before putting the seat back in the car, since they are not crash tested for safety.  For bigger kids, a sleeping back style bunting keeps those legs nice and warm, where blankets might move around more than you’d like.
  • Rain Shield– Lila is still a little young to brave the elements, in my opinion.  However, when Enrique was about 6 months old, I stopped trying to avoid rain or drizzles, and instead used a rain shield during our runs.  I used some common sense and didn’t go out when it was pouring or lightening, but having a plastic shield let us keep enjoying our runs, even if it was a little rainy.
  • Portable Fan – Since it is always summer in Texas, having a portable fan comes in handy.  During the actual summer, it will be essential.  Especially when you’re using something like a carseat cover, having one of these little guys helps make sure there’s some good air circulation happening.
  • Tethered Toy – Lila hasn’t quite reached the age where she needs to be entertained during our runs, but I am already prepared.  When Enrique was younger, I used to attach his favorite toys with plastic links.  I’ve bought this stroller toy specifically for Lila’s runs, and I can’t wait to use it.  Once again, this is an item that is not crash tested, so it’s not something we will leave on her carseat outside of runs.
  • Snacks – I don’t think I really need to explain this one.  But once kids are old enough for solids, having some of their favorite snacks on deck is a great way to extend the amount of time they’re willing to sit in a stroller.  I used to keep a few things like apple slices, apple sauce, dry cereal, and fruit chips on hand.
  • Lights – If you plan to take your jogging stroller out during any time that there’s limited sunlight, I highly recommend making sure you and the stroller are visible.  Even if you are running on well-lit sidewalks, you want to do everything you can to make sure a driver doesn’t miss you.  Having some reflectors is a great option, but stringing some battery powered Christmas lights around the stroller can be even more attention grabbing!
  • Personal Safety Item – I honestly hate that I have to point this out, but women with children tend to be targeted for things like robbery.  If you’re taking your precious kiddo out for a run, make sure you have something that you feel comfortable protecting yourself with.  I carry pepperspray, and have taken multiple self-defense classes. 

This Weeks Workouts

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Total Miles: 19.69 Miles
Total Workouts: 4
How the Run Felt
After a little cutback week last week, I felt pretty good this week. Obviously, the highlight of my week was my 4 mile trail run. There is nothing like running on the dirt. I’m definitely a lot more cautious, and I have to actively think about picking up my feet and not tripping over rocks a lot more than I used to, but I will take trail miles over road miles almost any day. Thursday and Friday I ran on the treadmill before work. I decided to increase the amount of time I run during my intervals, and I was surprised that Thursday’s run actually felt pretty easy. I ran my first solid “long run” this weekend, and it was honestly a mental battle.

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I knew my plan was to run 6 miles without stopping, and for most of the first two miles I was really doubting if I had the endurance capacity to do that without feeling like crap.  I was really nervous that I was going to start hurting and that my form might fall apart.  I’m still rebuilding a lot of strength I lost, and it hasn’t been easy getting my glutes to engage and do some work.  I kept worrying about what the end of my run was going to feel like.  Eventually, I just decided I’d have to worry about it when I got there, and I tried to just enjoy being outside in the drizzle.  I did feel tired towards the end of my run, but I wasn’t struggling nearly as much as I was worried I might.  This run really showed me as much as I’ve focused on rebuilding my physical strength, I’m also going to have to work on rebuilding my mental strength too.

How the WODs Felt
This seemed like a bit of a de-load week this week.  I was pretty happy to get 120 for my max power clean, since it’s not way far off my pre-pregnancy one rep of 145.  I’m sure it’s going to take a long time to get those 25 extra pounds back, but it’s not the worst place to start from.  My abs were sore for DAYS after Thursday’s workout that featured 90 freaking sit ups.  I was a little surprised at how much I struggled with the wall walks in Friday’s workout.  I haven’t exactly spent a lot of time upside down over the past year, but wall walks used to be something I considered fairly easy.  My lats were exhausted, my traps were shot, and I can’t tell you the number of times I thought I was going to fall on my face. 

What I’ve Been Listening To
I didn’t start any new podcasts this week, but was able to catch the newest episodes from The Real Killer, Death Resulting, and Sacred Scandal.  All three of these podcasts have been super interesting so far.

What Went Well
Our nanny getting started, and Lila having no issues with her.

What Went Shitty
Spending 2 miles questioning myself wasn’t what I would call enjoyable.

Plans to Improve Next Week
Try to stay focused on the moment while I’m running.

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