12 More Amazing Podcasts for Runners

podcasts for runners

After an incredibly long hiatus, road races are finally back on!  And with the sometimes grueling Summer season upon us, most runners are starting to plan their training schedules.  For me, training for a road or trail race isn’t going to happen unless I have something amazing to listen to.  The right running podcast can motivate me to get up, get out the door, and enjoy the hours of time on my feet.

I’ve been known to listen to a fairly wide variety of podcasts, from podcasts about running to investigative journalism that will leave you shocked.  Honestly, I just love a good story.  So if you’re looking for some podcast recommendations, I’ve got a long list of them to share.  Here’s some of my favorites!

Podcasts for Runners, By Runners

Whether you want tips and tricks to help you get your next PR, or just some amazing stories from the trails, these podcasts for runners by runners are bound to teach you something.

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  • Trail Runner Nation -This podcast is a little bit of trail mix when it comes to formatting.  Sometimes there’s interviews with incredible runners, sometimes it’s two guys talking about trail running techniques, but I almost always learn something new.
  • Run Hard, Mom Hard – Two moms who do all the running and all of the momming, and share all the struggles and fun along the way.  These two are moms are heart-warming, honest, and have some great tips for road and trail runners alike.
  • Ali on the Run Show – If you’re running long runs solo, and want to feel like you’ve got a girlfriend joining for a while, Ali on the Run is absolutely what you need in your life.
  • Rise Up Nutrition – Now this podcast isn’t strictly about running, but there isn’t a female athlete I know who wouldn’t benefit from learning and being reminded about the importance of fueling.  As a registered dietician, Lindsey has got great advice for making sure you give your body what it needs to run all the miles.

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True Crime Podcasts

Sometimes you just need a little motivation to put some pep in your step, and these creepy podcasts will probably have you running for the hills….quickly!

  • Counter Clock – I cannot stop raving about this show.  Each season, host Delia digs deep into a murder that was previously considered closed or unsolvable.  Seasons 1-3 are each so different, and the details that are uncovered will blow your mind.
  • Do No Harm – This series was honestly more investigative journalism than true crime, but it gave me such Dr. Death vibes I had to include it.  It is a heart breaking story about a family whose children are removed after unfounded allegations of child abuse.  Thankfully this story has a happy ending, but it will take you for a ride along the way.
  • OC Swingers – When reality tv meets true crime, you have the perfect recipe for a riveting podcast.  OC Swingers covers the story of a powerful couple accused of drugging and assaulting multiple women.  It’s got a lot of unexpected twists and turns, and lays out the facts in a very clear way.
  • Red Collar – One of my latest favorites.  Red collar covers one crime per episode, and focuses specifically on criminals who go to extreme lengths to keep protect their greed and lifestyle.  These criminals shock friends and family when they’re discovered, because they’re not the “usual suspects.”

Great Stories

If you’re looking to be pulled into a story so interesting, you’ll cover miles without even realizing it, these podcasts are exactly what you need!

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  • Life Jolt – Life Jolt is a new Canadian series that explores the impacts of the justice system.  Each episode shares one woman’s story of life behind bars, and explores how topics like racism, poverty, and trauma are so prevalent for these women.
  • American Coyote – What comes to mind when you hear the words smuggler?  Well, this story of a family man turned human smuggler will definitely surprise you.  The host takes you along for the wild ride, sharing how he unintentionally got into one of the most controversial and dangerous lines of business possible.
  • Relative Unknown – Feel like your family has its share of secrets?  You’ll feel right at home with this podcast.  The narrator is the daughter or a well known Hells Angel MC member, and she
  • Camp Hell – Camp is a new podcast exploring one of the many wilderness therapy programs in the United States that abused and exploited the kids it was supposed to be treating.  Only two episodes in, I am completely hooked.

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Random Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Because there’s a lot of great stuff I want to recommend that doesn’t fit into a category box.  Just trust me on some of these.

  • Two Face – This is another podcast that is just full of twists and turns.  Season one (Happy Face) is the story of the Happy Face serial killer, told from the perspective of his daughter Melissa Moore.  Melissa explores how growing up with a father with a double life left a lasting impact.  During season two, she helps another woman explore similar feelings as she walks through the process of finding out she is the biological daughter of the infamous Diane Downs.
  • Supernatural – If you like Morbid or That’s Why We Drink, you will love Supernatural.  Host Ashely Flowers explores fun topics like conspiracy theories, hauntings, and aliens.  It is never a boring moment!
  • Trust Me – Another podcast I have recently fallen in love with.  Trust Me is hosted by two women who grew up in different cult environments.  They not only share their personal stories, but interview other cult survivors, and investigate other groups that share similar features (like gangs, Qanon, and white supremacy groups).
  • American Scandal – With endless seasons to binge, American Scandal is a deep dive into different American controversies like Big Oil, the Red Scare, and the Waco massacre.  It is equal parts educational and entertaining.

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