Mother’s Day Gift Guide – For Active Moms

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mother runners and mother athletes are a special breed.  We wake up early, wear five thousand different hats during the day, squeeze in workouts when and where we can, and still find a way to show up for our families.  We’re setting examples for our kids, and making sure to take care of ourselves so we can be our best version at home.  If you’ve got a mom that manages to juggle all of these things, she deserves something special for Mother’s Day.  Here’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift guide to help make sure she knows how much you appreciate her.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gear

Because if there’s one thing mother runners and active moms can’t get enough of, it’s gear!

Running Chariot – This has got to be one of the most versatile inventions in the last couple of decades.  It can be used as a running stroller, or connected to a bike and pulled behind.  Even if your favorite active mom isn’t an avid runner, having the ability to walk on some more rugged trails or go for the weekend bike rides probably appeals to just about any mom.

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Dumbbells – If there’s one thing moms don’t have, it’s a lot of time. Which means sometimes workouts happen on the go, or in the living room. Having a mid-weight set of dumbbells can easily transform any location into a versatile gym (the side of the soccer field, next to the park, or the garage). Portable, small, and with endless uses, mom will definitely get her money’s worth with this gift.

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Fitness Tracker – Watches have come a long way in the last few years.  This fitness tracker can track how many steps mom gets in, workouts, and estimate how much recovery time she needs (hint, we never have enough recovery time). 

TRX System – Another incredibly versatile piece of home gym equipment!  What I love most about this kind of equipment is that it’s an amazing way to engage core muscles.  Whether it’s been 6 months or 26 years, the postpartum journey never really ends, and it tends to take a unique toll on the core.  Help mom strengthen her mid-section (and arms and legs and everything else) without ever needing to do another crunch.

Recovery Help

Massage Ball – Mom may not have time to go get a massage, but I can guarantee you she has more than a few achy muscles.  This massage ball is a great way for mom to speed up recovery, since it has built in massaging features along with trigger point technology.

Compression Sleeves – From chasing toddlers to tracking down teenagers, moms tend to spend a lot of time on their feet.  Compression sleeves can help mom recovery while doing…..nothing.  Or everything.  Simply put on a pair, and go about your day with improved circulation.  Finally, a way she can prioritize her physical health, without having to actively think about it.

Liquid IV – It’s no secret that most Americans are not hydrating adequately. And moms are known for putting everyone else’s needs first. Liquid IV can help mom make sure she stays hydrated, without having to chug gallon after gallon. Better hydration can improve recovery, digestion, and even sleep quality, so this really is a gift that keeps on giving.

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Oofos – Since mom is on her feet all day, lets make that time useful.  Oofos recovery sandals can help runners, cyclists, and athletes everywhere recover faster with every step.  They feel like walking on clouds, and soothe sore feet like nothing else!

Something Special

Road ID – What says “I love you more” than keeping someone safe?  Road ID is the perfect safety gadget for mom to take whenever she’s running, cycling, or just walking the dog.  It ensures that first responders can contact loved ones quickly if there should ever be an accident, and will give you some added piece of mind.

Light Vest – Similarly, if mom is trying to squeeze in workouts outside in the early or late hours, we need to make sure she stays visible.  This wearable light vest can make sure she’s seen coming, keeping her safer on the roads, even if she has to be outside during less than ideal time frames.

Run Fast, Eat Slow – Even if mom has zero interest in running, I bet she sure enjoys a healthy meal.  This cookbook is filled with amazing recipes that don’t take a ton of time, and can make sure everyone in the family is eating well.  With options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every meal is packed with nutritious ingredients that every mom will love.

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Sarah Marie Design – I don’t know a mom on the planet who doesn’t love a cute t-shirt, necklace, or coffee mug that is created with active moms in mind.  With some of the most relatable and aesthetic designs around, there is absolutely something every mom will love on the site.

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