Staying Sane & Healthy While Social Distancing

staying sane & healthy while social distancing

This past week has been a wild one.  From events closing, to schools extending Spring Break indefinitely, to races cancelling, the changes were somewhat astounding.  For me, rapid changes like this aren’t great for my mental health, and I feel much better once I have a plan and resources in place for tackling what can feel like a scary event.  So here are my resources and recommendations for staying sane and healthy during social distancing.

Resources for Workouts

One of the worst things for me to do at this point in time would be to discontinue working out all together.  I rely on movement to help me manage my anxiety, like a lot of people.  So, if you’re stuck inside and don’t want to sit in front of the tv panicking over the next news release, here’s some options for working out from home.

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Active YouTube Channels

Yoga with Adrienne– I have shared in the past that though I’m not a “yoga person,” I love some of the videos that Adrienne has up on her channel.  She’s got something for everyone from post workout cooldown flows to total body cardio routines.

Adam Rosante– A jack of all trades type of fitness channel, Adam has you covered from warm up routines to 20 minute full body workouts.  This channel features great workouts that are completely equipment-free, or require only a set of dumbbells. Perfect for those of us who weren’t fully prepared for the gym apocalypse!

BodyRock TV– This channel has a wide variety of free workout videos for different levels of home gym equipment (from nothing but body weight to barbell workouts).  They also feature a wide variety of HIIT and plyometric workouts.

FitnessBlender– FitnessBlender has a huge library of workout videos for different muscle groups, types of workouts, and equipment availability.  It is great for beginners, as the workouts tend to be fairly simple and straight forward, without a lot complex movements.

On-Demand Workout Subscriptions

If you don’t mind spending some money to have access to a broader variety of workouts, here’s some subscription resources that are worth considering.

Beach Body On Demand– Beach Body On Demand offers access to all beach body training programs with video streaming, as well as access to nutrition programs.  Currently, they are offering a 2 week trial, and memberships range from $59 for 6 months to $99 for an annual subscription.  

Street Parking– Street Parking has a full library of workouts broken out into categories like “butts and guts” accessory work, endurance workouts, CrossFit style, and different options depending on equipment availability.  Additionally, they have great movement tutorials and pre and post-natal focused workouts as well.  Memberships currently range from $15 – $19 a month.

Tone It Up – The Tone It Up girls have a variety of simple workouts that can be done with very little equipment (think a mat, a set of dumbbells, and a kettlebell).  There are options for HIIT, cardio, body part-specific, yoga, and strength workouts available, as well a huge vault of healthy recipes.  Tone It Up costs a very reasonable $12.99 a month for monthly subscribers.   


If a little inspiration or a written workout is all you really need to get going, following a couple of fitness-focused Instagram accounts might be the perfect option for you.  Here are some that I recommend:

Push Jerk– posts daily CrossFit WODs with a strength and conditioning piece that can usually be adapted based on what equipment you have handy.  If today’s workout doesn’t work for your setup, feel free to modify or scroll through for countless other workouts.

Street Parking– While Street Parking offers their comprehensive membership program, they also regularly feature workouts and movement breakdowns on their IG.

CFSW_wod– Similar to Push Jerk – this account posts daily CrossFit WODs that can be adapted or adjusted.

iamwellandgood– This IG account features all things health and wellness, including regularly posting pilates, core, and cardio workouts that require no equipment.

Blogs with Workouts

Blogs are a great resource when it comes to finding healthy recipes and workouts.  These are blogs that I follow regularly that have a listing of workouts available at no cost.

Peanut Butter Fingers– A lifestyle blog written by certified personal trainer, Julie Fagan.  This blog has an extensive list of recipes to keep you busy and well fed while you’re stuck inside, as well as a great Workouts page dedicated to a variety of workouts.

Fine Fit Day– This fitness focused blog isn’t updated as regularly as some of my other recommendations, but has pages worth of workout routines available.

Hungry Runner Girl– One of my absolute favorite blogs around, the Hungry Runner Girl posts daily about her adventures as a running mom.  She also has a great collection of workouts available; from track and speed workouts for runners to strength routines that would be great for anyone.

Of course, I have a collection of my own Workouts that you can reference at any time.  I try to keep a variety of core workouts, dumbbell, kettlebell, CrossFit style, and body weight workouts available.  I plan to post a daily home gym workout (like the one below) for the foreseeable future on my IG and Facebook stories, so please follow me on all social media for daily updates.   

staying healthy & sane while social distancing - body weight workout

If you’re a runner whose not quite comfortable hitting the trail or roads right now, please take a look at the great Treadmill Tips collected by The Mother Runners founder, Whitney Heins.

staying healthy while social distancing

Resources to Get Kids Moving

If you’ve got some kids hanging around the house that are normally out at school, it’s likely that you might be looking for some ways to get them physically active, without driving you insane.  Here are a few ways I’m encouraging my 6 year old to move, without breaking everything in our home.

YouTube Channels

CosmicKids– This YouTube channel has guided meditations, dance, and yoga video’s that are easy and appropriate for pre-school and elementary aged children.  It’s a great way to incorporate movement and mindfulness.

staying healthy & sane while social distancing - cosmic kids yoga - active youtube channels for kids

Bo On the Go!– This show helps encourage kids to move around by allowing them to engage in the show directly.  They give the main character her “go” powers by doing specific movements.

20 Online– 20 online has actual workouts that are not disguised as anything else.  Think of it like Beach Body On Demand for kids.  It’s great for elementary and middle school aged kids.

Physical Games

Wii Fit – With options for dance games, tennis, and bowling, if you happen to have a Wii Fit laying around (or can borrow one), this could be a golden opportunity to break it out of hibernation.

GoNoodle– This site has tons of ideas for physically active games.  Head over for some inspiration.

Resources for Keeping Kiddos Busy

Once you’ve gotten a small amount of that infinite energy out, you still have to find ways to occupy them.   Which can certainly be challenging if you’re stuck inside.  A few things I plan on utilizing over the next couple of weeks are below.

Educational Resources

ABC Mouse– Hailed by teachers everywhere, ABC Mouse has gamified learning journies for math, science, reading, and arts.

Time4learning– This subscription service costs as little as $15 a month.  It is primarily utilized by homeschooling families, but also offers skill building information to help your kiddo stay on track while they aren’t in school.

Kahn Academy– This free platform has tutorials and classes on just about any subject anyone could ever need to know.  Form basic math to accounting, Kahn Academy has you covered.

Education Galaxy– Education Galaxy is an incredibly reasonable subscription service, starting at just $6 for parents.  It specializes in providing gamified tutorials and trainings for young learners.


Having some educational resources available is great, but I think we all realize that our children will not be playing school all damn day at home.  When you’ve exhausted the educational options, here’s some good old fashioned time killers.

Board Games – Options like Risk, Scrabble, and Apples to Apples can help get kids thinking, while still being still entertaining and enjoyable.
Puzzles – A reliable staple for killing time!
Conversational Games – Games to get older kids out of their rooms and talking to you (to try to prevent an all out riot when they get moody later on).  Things like 2 truths and a lie, Pictionary, and Would You Rather can help get the conversation started.

Crafting Resources

To help kids stay busy and engage their creativity.

Crafting Blogs

Kids Craft Room– This website/blog has thousands of tutorials on different, fun crafting ideas, as well as ready made kits for purchase to help give you a little more guidance.

No Time for Flash Cards– No Time for Flash Cards has all the crafting and game idea’s you could ever need for hours of entertainment.  The site is broken out by age, so you can easily search for relevant activities for your children quickly.

Crafting YouTube Channels

Red Ted Arts– This YouTube channel has tutorials for crafts from 3D cards, to ornaments, and friendship bracelets.

5 minute crafts– If you’re in need of a quick idea to get the creative juices flowing, 5 Minute Crafts is perfect for you!

Simple kids crafts– This channel features crafting ideas that utilize objects and materials you likely already have on hand.

The Mother Runners blog also has a great recent post on Parenting in a COVID-19 World, which includes some wonderful tips for working from home in a house filled with kiddos. Definitely a great read for all the parents out there!

While none of these resources will help you to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak from happening in your own home (you need to wash your hands), I hope they will make the next couple of weeks a little more manageable.  Staying inside and avoiding crowded places may be necessary, but it certainly isn’t ideal.  Making sure that you prioritize physical movement, creativity, and engagement can help you manage the stress and anxiety that often come with changes and disruptions in every day life.  I hope this resource guide makes things a little easier and adds value for you and your family.

Cheers for hoping we all make it out of this historical event with our sanity intact (wine helps).

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