ClassPass Review


I’ve shared how I’ve been able to continue my CrossFit training by using the ClassPass app.  I’ve used it in the past, but wanted to give it a good month of use before writing up a review or making a recommendation for it.  The biggest question I had before trying out ClassPass was, “is it worth it?”  I’m not a fan of spending money, which is why I’m happy to share my experience for anyone considering a membership.

ClassPass Review

The Set Up & Plans

In order to decide if ClassPass is going to be a useful option for you, it’s important to understand exactly what ClassPass is and what it is used for.  ClassPass is a sort of alternative for the typical gym membership, where you pay a monthly fee for the ability to use the facility.  Instead, with ClassPass, you select a monthly rate that correlates to a number of credits on your account.  These credits can be used to sign up for any class that is established with ClassPass.

Essentially, it’s a great way to workout without a gym membership that limits you to a few features at a time.  With one monthly membership, you have access to Pilates studios, dance classes, bootcamps, CrossFit facilities, and even some spas.  What’s interesting is that while you sign up for a monthly rate, you still have the ability to purchase additional credits if you’re interested.  This is a great option for anyone whose schedule means they workout somewhat inconsistently.

Monthly rates start as low as $39 for 21 credits (which equates to between 3 and 6 classes) all the way up to $159 for 100 credits (about 16-30 classes).  Every class option “costs” a different amount of credits, so I’d encourage you to be conscientious of this when booking classes.  Currently, ClassPass offers a free trial week with 18 credits available; an awesome option to decide if it’s the right choice for you.

What I Love

So now that you know how ClassPass works, it’s probably pretty easy to see some of the benefits.  It’s flexible and dynamic.  Over the past month, I’ve found it to be a really great way for me to stay consistent with an inconsistent work and travel schedule.  Here’s what I’ve loved about the membership.

It’s Great for Travel

I’ve obviously found it incredibly useful while traveling for work.  Because the membership is not limited to one facility or chain of facilities, you can use your credits anywhere you happen to be.  With my current travel schedule, if I had been limited to my regular CrossFit box, I would have missed about 65% of my scheduled workouts over the last month.

Additionally, there are no additional fees or costs for using ClassPass outside of your home city.  To give a little more context, most CrossFit boxes charge around $20 per class for drop-ins.  I would have spent $100 dropping in to CrossFit boxes this month alone.  Or I would have been somewhat limited to hotel gym Workouts.  Which isn’t the worst thing in the world if you travel infrequently, but can be a real pain if you travel more consistently.

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I’ve also liked that I’ve had the opportunity to explore some local fitness facilities, as opposed to being limited to chain gyms.  Local facilities often have a unique list of offerings that you might not find in a big box establishment, and I can say that I’ve felt much more welcomed.  It’s also nice to be able to support local businesses.

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There’s a Ton Of Variety

Clearly, there’s a lot of variety available through ClassPass.  There are classes that appeal to anyone from yoga to spin to strength training.  I shared how having a few extra credits hanging out on my account motivated me to drop in to a Pilates class, which is definitely different than my regular workout routine.  For an athlete who is interested in incorporating more cross-training, ClassPass certainly makes it easier to accomplish.

In fact, my first experience with ClassPass a couple of years ago was prompted after an injury prevented me from running.  I was traveling for a week, and was frustrated that I wasn’t able to run, and wasn’t exactly excited about paying $60 to drop in to a CrossFit box for the week.  A friend recommended ClassPass, and I decided to check out some local spin classes as an alternative to running.

What I’ve found even more appealing is the fact that ClassPass can now be used for things like massage, cryotherapy, and even salon and spa treatments.  I’m not personally inclined to utilize cryotherapy regularly, but a good deep freeze every now and then has probably helped me avoid some overuse injuries.  Not having to pay any additional fees to include cryotherapy into my regular routine doesn’t suck.  And has anyone honestly ever turned down a good sports massage?

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It’s Easy to Use

What I’ve liked most about ClassPass is that it is so easy to use.  I don’t have to complete new waivers every time I go somewhere new.  Class registrations mean that you are guaranteed a spot, and you can plan out your workouts in advance – great for someone with a touch of type-a.  The app is user-friendly, and definitely doesn’t require a B.S. in technology.

You can also change your plan anytime, which means you aren’t penalized if you need to reduce your workouts for a time period. If you find that you’re buying credits a la carte somewhat consistently, you can always bump up to the next plan just as easily. You can even pause or hold your membership if you need to. And it has a fun interactive feature where you can invite friends to classes you’ve signed up for, because we all love a little peer pressure every now and again.

So, is it worth it? For me, absolutely. I wanted to have the ability to drop in to a a small number of classes (1-2 a wk) while I traveled. This was the perfect option for me and saved me a ton of money. For anyone looking for a little more variety or flexibility in their workout routines, I think ClasdPass is a perfect option.

classpass review - pure pilaties austin

I’ve used ClassPass throughout the years, and have a couple of recommendations on facilities that I’ve enjoyed.  If you happen to be in central Texas, you should definitely check some of these places out if you have the opportunity.

The Fit Stop – San Antonio – A CrossFit box on the northeast side of town.  This is a smaller box, but had a great community feel with solid coaches.  They had helpful recommendations on scaled movements, and offered recommendations for post workout stretches.

Smart Barre Body – San Antonio – I haven’t personally visited this barre fitness studio, but received a great recommendation from a friend.  She shared that the facility is female only, which is definitely appealing for a lot of women looking to drop in somewhere without worrying about anyone offering to buy you a drink after class (the WORST).  The facility provides all necessary equipment, including mats, towels, and lockers.

RK512 (Roka) CrossFit – Austin – This is the CrossFit box in Austin that I’ve been dropping into most consistently over the past month.  The location is conveniently located on the south side, and offers CrossFit, kickboxing, and olympic weight lifting.  The facility has a great set up, is incredibly clean, and has all of the equipment needed for any WOD.

RIDE Indoor Cycling – Austin – This is the boutique cycling studio I dropped into while I couldn’t run.  What I loved about this facility was how welcoming the staff was, especially since I hadn’t ever participated any sort of indoor cycling prior.  They took the time to get my bike set up, made recommendations, and offered a full body workout that I was not expecting.

Pure Pilates Austin– Austin – I checked out this facility on somewhat of a whim, and was not disappointed.  The reformer style class was much more challenging than I had expected, and was definitely a full body, reasonably paced workout.

Mecca Gym & Spa– This gorgeous boutique fitness studio is right in the heart of downtown Austin.  It has a great view of the city, and a large variety of equipment available to explore.  The facility offers open gym, which means you can get in a great workout in a beautiful, high-end location

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