Running Gear Essentials for Spring

running gear essentials

Spring has definitely sprung here in south Texas.  The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and my sinuses are in full and complete revolt.  Despite the congestion, I really love running in the Spring.  Shorts and a light long-sleeve shirt weather is the best!  To celebrate the changing seasons, I’m sharing all of my running gear essentials for Spring.

Running Gear Essentials for Spring

Nathan Speeddraw handheld – Spring time is great because it’s warm enough for light gear, but not so hot that you need to carry a weeks worth of water as a dehydration precaution.  The Nathan Handheld is the perfect hydration system for this “in between” season.  It’s light and ergonomic, with a great hand strap that prevents sliding or the need to actively hold your water.  It’s insulated to keep your 18oz of water nice and cool, and the pocket is big enough for your cell phone and some fuel.  Perfect for the trail or roads!

running gear essentials for spring - Nathan handheld water bottle - Nathan hydration

FlipBeltIf on the other hand you’re setting out for a run in an area where water fountains are aplenty (like heaven), the FlipBelt is the perfect fuel carrying solution.  It comes in 4 sizes, which means it won’t slide around or chafe.  And the tube design can hold enough fuel for several hours worth of running.  Which is exactly what you need if you’ve been stuck on the treadmill all winter.

Oiselle Shorts – It’s time to break the running shorts out of winter retirement, and pale legs everywhere rejoice!  Not all running shorts are made equal, though.  The Oiselle Roga shorts come equipped with pockets for all your snacks and gear.  They’re flattering and comfortable, and available in multiple length options.

XO Skin Socks – As nice as it is to enjoy the warmer weather, it does bring along the inconvenient reality of sweating, swelling, and chaffing.  And feet that might not be used to humidity or trails.  To keep those feet happy, I recommend the XO Skin toe socks.  As weird as toe socks look, they prevent your toes and toenails from rubbing one another into oblivion.  The copper technology that is woven into these socks prevents moisture retention (great for those who are blister prone) and odors.  Who doesn’t want unblistered, non-smelling feet?

running gear essentials for spring - best running socks - XO Skin running socks

Sunscreen – Because with all this extra sun, no one wants to deal with premature wrinkles or skin cancer.  Your face and unleashed legs deserve the best in sun protection.

Oiselle Apring Showers Light Rain Jacket – We all know that along with the additional hours of sunlight, Spring tends to bring a fair amount of rain.  And since it might not be warm enough for a “just deal with it” attitude about running in wet clothes, I like having a light rain jacket on hand.  One that is somewhat breathable, and keeps me from ending up completely drenched.

Squirrels Nut Butter – And since we’re talking about precipitation, let us not forget that nothing is worse than finally celebrating shorts weather, only to experience the horror of chaffing. With rising temps and humidity comes sweat and rubbing, which is a recipe for disaster after a few miles. Though the name may be funny, Squirrels Nut Butter prevents a serious problem.

running gear essentials - squirrel's nut butter - anti-chafe

Nuun Electrolytes – We’ve covered the fact that you’re probably going to be sweating a bit more (running is glamorous).  To help keep that extra sweat from resulting in dehydration, it’s important to be mindful about replenishing those electrolytes.  Nuun does a great job of replacing electrolytes, tastes great, and can help prevent dehydration-induced GI distress.

Altra Superior Trail Shoes – Warmer temps and longer runs can mean increased swelling in your extremities.  To give your toes a little more breathing room, I recommend Altra running shoes.  The zero-drop can take some getting used to, but the roomy toebox can be absolute heaven.

Allergy Meds – Because the amount of pollen in south Texas could be considered lethal.  No one wants to miss out on the extra hours of sunlight and open trails because of a case of the sniffles.  So as much as I am not a medication-endorsing human, I fully support a good anti-histamine.

Tifosi Sunglasses – All the extra sun can be great, as long as you aren’t squinting directly into it. I’ve shared a few times how much I love Tifosi sunglasses because they stay on my face during even the longest runs, and they look great all the time.

running gear essential recommendations - best running sunglasses - tifosi sunglasses

Nathan Head lamp – When it’s not freezing, it’s a whole lot easier to find the motivation to hit the trails or pavement before sunrise.  Combine that with daylight savings time (and a later sunrise), and it’s likely you’re going to need a source of light to keep you from doing silly things like jumping off the trail to avoid a toad snake. I love the fact that this lamp can clip onto anything; a hat, a hydration vest, or even shorts.

There’s nothing like enjoying those first few days of warmth and greenery outside.  Whether on the trails or on the roads, running in Spring is a pretty magical experience.  These gear recommendations will make sure you stay safe and comfortable while you enjoy the fleeting days before the Summer heat consumes us.

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