15 Amazing Podcasts for Running & Working Out

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Around this time of year running trails and gyms seem to explode with traffic.  While some may complain about the new faces, it always makes me happy to see people motivated to pursue health with more intention.  Sticking with a new running or exercise habit can be difficult, though.  To prevent boredom, I always recommend checking out new and interesting podcasts.  Today, I’m sharing 15 really good podcasts for running and working out.

Podcasts For Running, About Running

There’s nothing like listening to a seasoned runner share their insights and experiences.  There’s so much to learn, and I’ve picked up some of the best tips from these running podcasts.  I love hearing about the adventures of marathon training and trail racing.  Here are the five best podcasts for runners by runners. 

UltraRunner Podcast  – This podcast is a great mix of tips, entertaining stories, and inspiring interviews.
The Ginger Runner – Technically, Ginger Runner Live (GRL) is a YouTube channel where hosts Ethan Newberry and his wife, Kim Teshima Newberry, interview guests  that are involved in the sport of ultrarunning.  Some guests are professional ultra-marathoners, while others are runners who are active in the community in some way (coaching, training for an ultra, filming events, or running a company related to the sport).  The YouTube episodes are recorded and released in podcast form regularly, and it absolutely one of the best running podcasts I have listened to for many years.
Trail Runner Nation – An entertaining and informative podcast hosted by two men who have a lot of fun talking about trail running. Some episodes are more informative, some are more conversational, all have some amount of hilarity.
Marathon Training Academy – Marathon Training Academy (MTA) is another podcast co-hosted by a married couple who talk about distance running.  The show is more focused on education and tips, rather than story-telling.  I’ve gotten so many great gems from listening.
I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein – Lindsey Hein is a marathon runner and mom who shares fun interviews with professional athletes that leave you feeling so inspired and motivated.  She’s super honest, optimistic, and funny.

For more podcasts about running, check out this post from the Run To The Finish blog.

True Crime

WHO DOESN’T LOVE A GOOD CRIME PODCAST?  They suck you in, and leave you trying to figure out who done it.  True Crime podcasts are great when you need a list bit of distraction during a long or tough run.  Here are some of the best podcasts for runners who want a little excitement and mystery.

Lords of Death – Oh man is this a wild podcast.  It chronicles a man investigating a murderer who he believes is part of a team of organized criminals, known as the Lords of Death.  Through the podcast, you learn that he was essentially raised by this man and grew up sleeping down the hall of a potential serial killer.  The podcast host took a pause to explore some additional information, and I am absolutely waiting on pins and needles for the next season to begin.
Your Own Backyard -Once again, this is a podcast about a murder hosted by someone with a connection to the murder victim.  The podcast investigates the unsolved murder of Cal Poly student, Kristin Smart.  It reveals some really compelling evidence on the most likely suspect, and explores the difficulties and fumbles of the legal investigators.
Urge to Kill – Urge to Kill is a podcast I just recently finished, and it PERFECT for binging.  It explores the well-known and solved murder of Kaylee Sawyer.  It’s unique in that there is a true ending to the story, and it provides a huge amount of detail about the case and what happened moment by moment.
The Clearing -This podcast was created and hosted by April Balascio, who discovered that her father Edward Wayne Edwards, was one of the most prolific serial killers in America.  After making this discovery in 2009, April contacted police with her findings, and the podcast covers what happened next, along with April’s recollections of growing up with a serial killer.
Disorganized Crime -This hilarious podcast is hosted by a woman, who goes by the name Rainbow Valentine.  Rainbow discovered in early adulthood that her father had supported her family by smuggling large quantities of illegal pot throughout North America.  The podcast is filled with funny stories told by Rainbow and her parents about the close calls and general disorganization of the pot industry in the 70s.

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One of the benefits of long distance running is having a lot of time to listen to podcasts that provide interesting insights or new information.  Sometimes I’m in the mood to listen to something inspiring, sometimes I take the opportunity to learn something new about personal finance or investing, and other times I just want to listen to a great story that will keep me engaged.  Here are some of my favorite podcasts to listen to while running that keep me interested and engaged for hours.

Night Owl – I’ve mentioned this podcast in a few of my weekly reviews, as I’ve loved listening to long episodes during tough tempo runs.  The podcast is hosted by a team of paranormal investigators in Austin, TX who share stories from their haunted adventures in central Texas.  It’s incredibly entertaining, and I am looking forward to season 3 starting soon.
Don’t Keep Your Day Job – This is another podcast I’ve mentioned quite a few times.  It’s hosted by Cathy Heller, who interviews a huge variety of creative industry leaders and entrepreneurs who have turned their passion and creative skills into a profitable career.  It is incredibly inspiring, and while I don’t always have much interest in the industry, I always learn something useful and actionable.
Fire Drill – Fire Drill is a financial independence focused podcast.  The host interviews guests who have achieved or are on the road to financial independence through a variety of means (entrepreneurship, smart investing, real estate, frugality, etc).  If you are interested in growing wealth in somewhat unconventional ways, this podcast is definitely worth a listen.
S-Town – This podcast is somewhat similar to Serial in that it follows one unique and interesting story over a full season of epodisodes.  What starts out as a unique phone call and interview with a very interesting character in a small town quickly twists and turns in ways that are truly stranger than fiction.  If you haven’t already listened, this podcast will certainly keep you on the hook for a good, long time.
Do It Scared – This is another inspirational podcast that encourages listeners to abandon fear and self-doubt to conquer big dreams and goals.  While my own personal goals are usually vastly different from the host and interviewees, the heart of the message of going after the things that spark a fire deep inside you is one that keeps me captivated.

Bonus Podcast

If you are a new runner, you will quickly become introduced to the term “DNF” which stands for “did not finish.” It’s a phrase that refers to any run or race that was started, but not completed. A new podcast, that goes by the name DNF, is focusing on stories of runners and athletes who took on some sort of endeavor in life, but did not complete. Stories about runners with “failures” in non-running areas of their lives who share their stories and ultimate triumphs. Only one episode has been released at this point in time, but from the sound of it, it’s going to be a great podcast for running.

I’m ALWAYS looking for new podcasts to dive into during my long runs, so please leave me any recommendations in the comments!

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