A CrossFitter’s Letter to Santa

A CrossFitter's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
I’ve been pretty okay this year.  I haven’t thrown any temper tantrums in the box, I’ve done 75% of what my coach tells me to do, and I’ve made sure to warm up for at least 6 minutes before lifting heavy.  I sometimes complain about having to do cardio, but those double-unders and assault bike calories can be a real pain.  At the end of every WOD, I make sure to pick up my weights, and I know better than to drop an empty barbell.  You’ll never catch me shaving reps, even when burpees and thrusters are programmed.  I hope all of my hard work is enough to stay off the “naughty” list.  Here’s a short wish list of what I’d love to see under my tree this year. Hopefully this Christmas gift guide will give you some ideas for other CrossFitters who haven’t sent in their Christmas lists just yet.

Stocking Stuffers

  • Wrist Wraps – I can lift heavy, but my wrists are tiny.  Let’s get them some support, please.
    • I like these when I’m in the mood for Velcro, and these when I’m in the mood to tie
  • Socks – My feet could use some extra cushion that doesn’t hold sweat.
    • Balega socks are great for WODs and runs, and these Stance socks are the darling of boxes everywhere, plus they’re festive
  • Hand Cream – CrossFit has been great for my strength, but hard on my hands.  From tears to blisters to good old calluses, my hands could use some love.  
    • Bag Balm is well known, and conveniently found in drug stores everywhere, meanwhile the RipFix kit has a tin of hand cream, plus a pumice stone and a pair of nail clippers
  • Tape – To cover up torn hands, and make sure my rib doesn’t pop back out of place.
    • KT Tape can be found in several colors in cut and uncut strips.  Rock Tape is a bit pricier, but can stick around a little longer.
All taped up, cozy as can be

Scaled Presents

  • Speed Rope – As much as the double-unders kinda kill me, trying to jump with the wrong size, community rope is just a nightmare.
    • These guys are completely customizable and fun, and this other option should last me forever (because it’s indestructible)
  • Gym Bag – Because I need a place to stash all of the new CrossFit goodies you’re bringing me.
    • This bag is sturdy and classic, while this King Kong option is big enough to carry all 4 types of shoes I need, food for 3 days, and my husband if I don’t want to buy him a plane ticket in the future.
  • Extra-Strength Laundry Detergent – Even though it’s December, and a little bit colder, I’m still a sweaty mess every time I leave the box.  Let’s help me keep the few friends I still have in my life.
    • Tide Sport can be swiped at Target’s everywhere, but Nathan is eco-friendly and proven to get the funk out of the worst forgotten laundry.
  • Phone magnet – Did I even CrossFit if I don’t have a picture to prove it?
    • This magnet is sleek and easy to apply, and this mount can be adjusted to get the exact right angle!

RX Presents

  • Shoes – I can’t be expected to kettlebell swing faster than a speeding bullet and leap tall boxes in a single bound with a regular pair of shoes, can I?
    • There are a couple good options here.  The Nano‘s are always popular, Metcons are fun as well, but I really love the minimal look and feel of the Inov8.  While we’re talking about Inov8’s, a new pair of lifters wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, either.
  •  Massage Gun- As much as I love the foam roller, as any CrossFitter can tell you that the more aggressive the recovery accessory, the better.  And these suckers are lively.  My quads both love and curse you simultaneously for this gift.
    • I love the quietness of the Hyperice, but I wouldn’t turn down a Theragun, either.
  • Massage Giftcard – There’s some spots that even the HyperVolt can’t reach, and my husband only has so much time and patience.  My body is in a constant state of torn up, so Santa, please be a friend and help a girl out.
CrossFit gift guide

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